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Welcome to the Villa Capistrano II Web site!

Villa Capistrano II is a development in north Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, just north of 84th Street and Cactus.  This website is operated by the Villa Capistrano II Homeowners Association, to provide information for its members.


Annual Membership Meeting

The Annual Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 4, 2014.

The meeting will be held 7:00 PM at the home of Jay and Kim Mohr, at 12860 North 82nd Place, and you are urged to attend. Please bring your ballot if you have not already mailed it in, as we need your ballot to count you "present".

There will be an election for two members of the Board of Directors for three year terms.
Please mark your calendars.

Association Documents

For your reference and convenience, we have posted copies of the Association Documents. Obviously, the official copies are those formally filed with the County. Please let us know your comments on this posting.

Brush and Bulk Trash Pickup

City of Scottsdale Brush and Bulk Pickup Days can be found on this page. Villa Capistrano II is in the Green pickup section, between Bell Road and Cholla Street.

Guidelines for the preparation of Brush and Bulk items for pickup can be found on this page.

Property Manager

The Board of Directors appointed our property manager, Wendy Wolfenden, on October 30, 2003.  Please send correspondence and payments to her at the address below. 

Community Assessment

As voted by the members at the annual meeting in November, 2004, the annual assessment is $450. You will receive a notice each year for $450, less any prepayments or plus any underpayments, which will be due by the end of January.

In addition, there was a special assessment for landscaping upgrades of $243 due in June, 2005

Theft Alert

There have been several thefts in the community.

Burglary Sunday, August 10, 2008: Between 5:11 AM and 5:17 AM, the main circuit breakers to a residence were turned off. Then, the back area of the property was entered. An attempt was made to remove the window to the master bathroom, removing all of the weatherstripping, but the window would not come out. Then, the weatherstripping from a back bedroom window was removed, and then the non-moving upper window pane was removed (the lower pane, which moves and was alarmed, was not opened).

The home was thus entered, eluding the perimeter alarm, which was active. However, at 5:48 AM one of the interior motion detectors was tripped, and the alarm company was called by the alarm system, which has both wired and cellular connections. At 5:52 AM, two additional zones were activated, apparently as the home was exited. The window was pushed back into place, and the door that was used for exit was locked, requiring a specific effort (since the door would not have locked on its own.)

The alarm company notified the owner, who asked them to call the Scottsdale Police. It is not yet clear whether the alarm company told the police that three zones had been activated, or whether they told the police that only the interior motion detector had tripped, although apparently once the initial call to the police had been made, the alarm company made no additional calls.

The police came to the residence, saw but did not think much about the weatherstripping on the ground by the master bathroom, and did not notice the window pane that had been pushed back into place or an item that had been left outside the back bedroom window. They checked all of the doors, which were locked, and, as is their policy, left without report to the alarm company or the owner.

When the owner returned later that morning, he noticed the above and called the police; the same officers and an evidence technician came to take a report and collect evidence.

Fortunately, next to nothing was taken from the home, as the motion detector alarm was obviously not anticipated. Although they were on the property at least 35 minutes, they didn't spend much time inside.

There is action you can take to protect yourself from crimes like this. Specifically, be sure to set your interior motion detectors, especially if you are not at home, and if the builder installed your circuit breakers outside the house, be sure to lock the circuit box. (If you are planning new construction, consider putting the circuit box inside). If you notice anything unusual, please notify the authorities. If you do identify a crime, remember not to touch anything, so that evidence will be preserved.

Also, there was a recent alarm ordinance passed in Scottsdale, apparently as a result of false alarms. However, it appears that in their frustration with false alarms, there has been a reduced sensitivity to true alarms. Therefore, be aware that the police will not call either the owner or the alarm company if they do not see definite evidence of a break-in. Further, if additional zones are tripped after the first zone, that information may not be transmitted to either the owner or the police. The burglars are clearly aware of techniques to avoid perimeter alarms, so if you get notification of an interior motion detector alarm, you should call back several minutes later to see if additional zones have triggered, and if so, be sure to pass that information yourself to the police. Be prepared for a refusal by the police dispatcher to connect you to the officers. If the multiple zone triggers had been conveyed to the police, they might not have been so quick to call it a false alarm.

Finally, while they were here, the police told me that lately there have been frequent burglaries in our part of Scottsdale, about one every five or six days. Often, a car will be broken into, and the garage door opener will taken out, and used to enter and then close the garage door. Obviously, the door from the garage into the home should also be locked and alarmed.

Several homes have had copper landscape lights taken from the front yards. There are companies which will accept anything made of copper, no questions asked, for the value of the raw metal. As a result, there have been a number of instances where the lights have been taken, undoubtedly doing far more monetary damage than the value received for the copper. Regretably, the only absolute solution is not to put fixtures made of copper in your yard. However, in September 2007, a new state law went into effect requiring sellers to show identification to recyclers when selling more than $25 worth of metal, and the payment must be by mailed check instead of cash.

In July 2003, a luxury SUV (Cadillac Esplanade) had all four of it's wheels and tires stolen while parked in the homeowner's driveway.  The battery cables were cut.  The vehicle was placed on jacks and then all four wheels and rims taken.  This occurred sometime between 11:30pm and 5:00am

In November 2001, a house was broken into and robbed during the day between 11:30 am and 3:30 pm.  The robbers came through the unlocked garden gate and smashed a door on the far side of the house, swept through the house taking TVs, computers, cameras, some jewelry and cash and making a huge mess.  They exited the house through the master bedroom patio door closest to the gate they came in.  The alarm was not set at the time.  It is now and the gates are!  Interestingly enough, a few months ago, the homeowner got a call from a man who used his first name only and asked if they had had a computer stolen as he had purchased one at a flea market and it had the homeowner's name and other information on the hard drive.  This was reported also to the police.

In April 2001, camera equipment and the owner's manual were taken from a vehicle parked in the driveway outside the front door, under a light, between midnight and 6AM.

Please keep your home doors and windows locked and your vehicles parked in a locked garage.

And above all,  Report ANY suspicious activity to the police by dialing 911.  And if you see any people or vehicles that just don't belong or you've never seen them before, write down the a description of the vehicle and get license plate number.  The police will ALWAYS welcome a 911 call that may thwart a crime.

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If there is any information you think might be helpful to our neighbors, please email your suggestions (preferably with the content you think we should add) to Jim Nachbar

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Wendy Wolfenden, Property Manager
Property Management Services
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bullet Alison Crompton, Treasurer
bullet Betsy McPhee
bullet Jay Mohr, Vice President
bullet Jim Nachbar, Webmaster and President
bullet Michael Tooker, Secretary

News and Activities

bulletProperty Manager Wendy Wolfenden appointed October 30, 2003.  Please send correspondence and payments to her at the address above.
bulletDesign Guidelines amended by the Design Review Committee, September 8, 2005
bulletBylaws Amendments adopted at Board of Directors meeting, October 30, 2003
bulletAssociation website ( is up as of June 9, 2003: Jim Nachbar
bulletDues will be invoiced annually, starting in 2004

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